Okay, this is hilarious and it happened in Ohio. After spending a day in jail, a couple are dropped off at their house. Shortly thereafter, they call the cops to report that their home was burglarized. From Cleveland.com:

A Russell officer was dispatched to investigate. He met with the homeowners who pointed out damage to their front door and the home’s interior. They also reported their guns were missing and their dog had been locked in the back room.

The officer reminded the woman that she had damaged the front door on the previous day by beating it with a shovel to break it down and that the interior damage occurred during their fight. The couple indicated that they were starting to remember those things.

The officer also reminded the man that he had locked up the dog when police were called to the home the previous afternoon. He had also assisted the police in turning over their guns. The man said he didn’t realize he had done that. He was told that the guns were being held at the police station.

The couple apologized for the misunderstanding and thanked the officer for clearing things up for them.

I’m not sure I want them getting their guns back.