From the Clarity Campaigns website:

Use the power of the Coop voter file and the latest in Democratic campaign analytics to choose a partisan name for your baby, determine what political party views you should really have, or just waste time on the Internet. Look up your own name or a less common name like Barack (a few people even have Obama as their first name).

So, I typed in “Jeff” and here’s what it says:

There are 134,038 registered voters named Jeff, making it the 363rd most common name.

54% of “Jeffs” identify with the Republican Party. There’s a 46.9% chance there’s a gun in my house. A 56% chance I attend weekly religious services, and a 54% chance I have a college degree.

So then I typed in “Jermaine.” 87% chance I’m a Democrat. 51% chance there’s a gun in the house — but illegally. . . .

Go figure, and if you’re bored, play around with it yourself.