From Gawker:

Great news if you can’t grow a beard and have a few thousand dollars to spare: “Facial hair transplants” are reportedly on the rise in New York.

According to, Dr. Yael Halaas has performed an average of one beard transplant per month on men from Brooklyn’s “hipster”-filled neighborhoods, like Bushwick, Park Slope, and Williamsburg.

“I get a lot of detail-oriented people — artists, architects,” Halaas said.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, who has been performing beard transplants for more than 12 years, told DNAinfo he averages about three beard transplants per week in his offices in Miami and Manhattan.

I’m assuming these transplants are onto men, and not onto women wearing plaid shirts. I wonder if they’re also offering follically challenged men chest hair, too.

Me? I loath shaving; it’s my least favorite chore each morning, but I hate having “scruff” or a beard even more.