Apparently, if you use a gun to protect yourself from an attacker, you’re a killer:

We are quickly becoming a nation that would rather shoot than stand down, or at least one that thinks everyone has the right to. We are a nation of jurors who carefully consider the emotional state of a killer who had no obligation to even investigate the emotional state of the person he believed was attempting to kill him.

So, if attacked, we should try to administer a Rorschach Test to our assailant?

The writer also tries to blame the NRA, claiming:

By seeking to arm everyone in America, the NRA has in fact changed our reasonable expectation of how fights will end, into a self-fulfilling prophecy about how fights will end.

I guess that the “reasonable expectation” is that the victim should just allow himself and his loved ones to be murdered. We certainly don’t want him fighting back against the thugs and gang-bangers.

She concludes her article:

The only thing more terrifying than the prospect of becoming a nation of Trayvon Martins is the possibility that we are unconsciously morphing into a nation of George Zimmermans.

It’s only terrifying to the bad guys.