From Seacoast Online:

On Feb. 12, Hampton Falls Democratic Rep. Elaine Andrews-Ahearn’s bill to close the gun show background check loophole was effectively killed through a series of parliamentary procedures orchestrated by Dunbarton Republican J.R. Hoell.

[ . . . ]

However, on Feb. 20, Rep. Renny Cushing, D-Hampton, used the same parliamentary maneuver on a bill Hoell had filed to allow people from Vermont to carry concealed weapons in New Hampshire without a permit, and turned it into a committee to study gun laws in New Hampshire.

“I saw that Representative Hoell wanted a committee to study this issue, and when that went down, I started thinking about the bills that were coming before us,” Cushing said. “His bill seemed like the most logical bill to attach (the amendment) to.”

Now Hoell is crying foul because, he says, the study committee is stacked in favor of those who might be open-minded to background check legislation.

Andrews-Ahearn called Cushing’s move “a stroke of genius.”

Hmmm, a reciprocal constitutional-carry bill. Vermont, of course, allows anyone to CCW without a permit. Hoell’s bill would reciprocate that right to Vermonters. I like it! In recent years, N.H. increased from $20/4-years to $100/4-years the cost of a non-resident permit.