MN cops and their union are suing the NFL, claiming that their off-duty members aren’t allowed to bring their off-duty guns to Vikings games, which is, according to the suit, illegal under state law. From the Pioneer Press:

But the National Football League disagrees, saying the law doesn’t apply to it. Although an NFL spokesman declined to comment on the suit, when police officials complained about the policy last fall, the league’s security chief said a ticket to a game is a license that teams can revoke at will — and being an armed off-duty cop is reason enough.

The NFL said that between on-duty officers assigned to games and rent-a-cops, there are enough guns inside NFL stadiums, and the league worries about “blue-on-blue” shootings.

Personally, I side with the NFL. Why should off-duty cops have any extra rights than other citizens?

Update 2/20: Texas refuses to play along with the NFL:

The National Football League passed a new rule that bans off-duty police officers from bringing guns inside stadiums – but Texas has chosen to adhere to the policy in its own way.

Texas state law states that so long as off-duty law enforcement officers check in at specific gates and let stadium employees know where they’ll be sitting, they will be allowed to carry a firearm, according to KTXA-TV.