From the Miami Herald:

A group of Miami-Dade mayors — some of them gun owners, all taking a politically risky stance — launched an effort Tuesday to try and sidestep state firearms laws by forcing gun distributors and manufacturers to disclose training techniques and methods used to keep firearms out of the hands of indicted traffickers.

The group pledged support to a nonprofit called Arms With Ethics, which is pushing for laws in cities throughout Miami-Dade that would force gun sellers to disclose if they train their staff to out straw buyers, and admit if indicted traffickers buy their weapons.

More at the link. This obviously conflicts with Florida’s preemption law.

And just who is Arms With Ethics? The slogan on their rather feeble (and I suspect brand new) website is: “Keeping Guns Out of Criminal Hands.” They claim they are a grassroots initiative to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. There are no contact names given, nothing to indicate source of funding, etc. Is this some sock-puppet of Mayors Against Illegal Guns? Sure seems that way.