Not real dusty, but a little. One man made it possible for him to be a kid again:

“Dayton wanted to get more active than his prosthetics would allow. I thought we could help that,” said [Dennis] Haun.

Haun created prosthetic legs that included Flex Run feet by Ossur. The Flex Run feet are what allow Dayton to run.

[ . . . ]

“If there’s anything that Dayton desires, Dennis will put his feelers out. And if he doesn’t already know how to create something for him, he will reach out to somebody else and make sure that it happens,” Natalie says.

“In fact, he helped design a shooting arm. It helps Dayton be able to pull the trigger on his gun or his bow when hunting.”

Read the whole thing (it’s not long) and say a prayer for both Dayton and Haun.

Incidentally, I’m currently reading The Future of the Mind, by Michio Kaku and will have a review up, probably tomorrow. The future looks very bright for “smart” prosthetics controlled directly by the wearer’s brain.