From the Southeast Missourian:

The National Rifle Association urged Missouri state senators Wednesday to reject a gun rights bill because of a provision it says could lead to a gun owner registry.

In a notice posted of its website, the NRA urged its members to call Missouri lawmakers and tell them to vote “no” on legislation that would seek to nullify some federal gun control laws and jail federal agents for enforcing them. The association cited an amendment approved Tuesday night to the bill that would require gun owners to report a stolen firearm within 72 hours of learning about the theft.

Gun thefts should be reported, but not by compulsion, although at least this one states, “within 72 hours of LEARNING about the theft.” Still, I wonder how such a poison-pill made it into the legislation?

Update 2/18: The reporting measure has been stripped out:

The Missouri Senate has stripped an amendment from the gun control nullification bill that would have required a 72-hour reporting period for stolen firearms.

The move comes five days after the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action announced its opposition to Senate Bill 613 because of the amendment, stating that it would have created a “de facto gun owner registry” in Missouri. State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, sponsored the amendment. She accused the Republican-led Senate of caving to the NRA’s wishes.