From Fox News:

In one case, rooted in Texas, the NRA is reportedly challenging a state law permitting minors to own guns, but stipulating all the same that they are, in fact, too young to apply for — and thus possess — the license necessary to carry them in public.

[ . . . ]

In the other case, the NRA is reportedly challenging a decision rendered earlier by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans that upheld federal and state laws governing minors’ access to guns.

Yeah, this should go over real well. Instead of trying to allow minors to CCW, it would have been nice if the NRA went after “may issue” states for not being “shall issue” states. Why should a law abiding adult have to prove a ‘need’ for a CCW permit? Really, the NRA is just useless and boneheaded, sometimes.