If something doesn’t work, throw more money at it:

Since police in Delaware’s largest city used a $250,000 federal grant to install 18 sound-sensing video cameras in November 2012, the system hasn’t fully recorded a single shooting scene, police said this week. In the same period, they’ve received more than 600 reports of shots fired and say 175 people have been shot in an “unprecedented period of violence,” according to The (Wilmington) News Journal, which first reported the findings.

Interim Police Chief Bobby Cummings said the detection system, known as Sensor Enabled Neural Threat Recognition and Identification, or SENTRI, has detected the sound of gunshots only about “five or six times.” Only once did cameras turn toward the sound of shots. In that case, he said, foliage prevented the cameras from capturing the scene.

“I don’t know that ’success’ would be the right word” to describe SENTRI’s performance, said police spokesman Mark Ivey. “Real-world conditions have proven that there are limitations to the system.”

Wilmington officials are expected to respond to the failure this Monday with an unusual proposal: They want to spend $415,000 to lease a more extensive gunshot detection system from another manufacturer.

What the hell, it’s only tax-payers’ money.

Or . . . They could suggest that residents buy a gun and take some responsibility for their own safety, since the cops certainly aren’t performing that duty, judging by the rising violent crime statistics there. Oops! Sorry; I forgot that personal responsibility is a thing of the past.

Just for instance, Democrats, the liberal MSM, and the Obama administration are claiming that the big benefit of Obamacare is that you can quit your job now because other tax-payers will subsidize or pay for your healthcare. You’re no longer in “job-lock” and extending that theory regarding this story, you’re no longer in “personal-safety lock.” So what if seconds count and the police are minutes away. Somehow, a gunshot detection system will protect you — if only we just keep spending more and more money to get one that shaves the response of cops from 8-minutes to 7-minutes. You’ll be dead, but the cops will be able to call for a coroner a minute sooner.