From CNET:

A press conference downtown here on Tuesday, the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation launched the first of four $1 million challenges aimed at inspiring the kinds of innovation that could help lead to safer guns — and a reduction in the number of tragic deaths and injuries that make the headlines nearly every day.

Although the foundation’s leaders aren’t na├»ve enough to believe that they can stop all gun violence, or bring technology to all firearms, their goals are simple: Help entrepreneurs and innovators bring new technologies to market that make it far harder for guns that fall into the wrong hands to hurt people. They think that the kinds of smart technologies already being used to track and lock devices like smart phones may well be the key.

There’s a picture of the Armatix pistol, which requires that you wear a special watch. The gun won’t fire if it is more than 10-inches away from the watch. Okay, I already have a problem (besides the fact that I’d have to wear the watch on my right wrist) which is that a thug might knock you down before you have a chance to draw your gun. What if the watch gets smashed in the process? And, do you have to wear the watch at night, while you sleep? And what if the battery goes dead?

Alas, there are Democrat-controlled legislatures considering requiring such nonsense as “smart guns” this very moment.