Granted, it’s more symbolic than anything else, but the Kansas State GOP is holding their convention this weekend and at their request, the hosting hotel is waiving its “no guns allowed” rule. Hotel to Ease Gun Ban For Kansas GOP Convention:

When Kansas Republicans converge on Wichita for their state convention starting Friday, they can bring along their guns if the

The Hyatt Regency Hotel has agreed to relax its gun ban for the sold-out convention, according to an e-mail sent by Debbie Luper, chair of the Republican Party in Butler County.

“NOTE: for our convention, the Hyatt has agreed to drop its no guns on premises policy! That was a point Chair Kelly Arnold negotiated hard for in the contract,” Luper wrote in the e-mail.

That’s (the link) the quote, as well as the first few paragraphs from the Kansas City Star.

That article is . . . okay. But, the same day, same edition, an editorial offers this lede:

Look Out for Gun-Toting Kansas Republicans at Weekend Convention

Kansas Republicans aren’t afraid of looking ignorant when it comes to guns.

Going to the GOP state convention starting this Friday in Wichita just got more dangerous for all those staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

That’s because GOP officials fought for and won the right to carry weapons into the hotel during the convention.

So, if you are booking a hotel to hold your convention, and you want the hotel to honor the state right to self-defense for your attendees, you’re “ignorant” and “dangerous” and . . . not a liberal Democrat or journalist (but I repeat myself), I guess.