Let me try a quick synopsis to avoid copyright issues. Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his wife Lauren (who happens to be a model) like guns. Lauren rented an SUV, returned it, left behind an AR-15. SUV is then rented to a Mom and daughter from NY who were visiting in Florida, where this happened. When they discover the firearm, this was the reaction:

It wasn’t until two days later when her daughter raised the seats so they could go for a drive with friends when she discovered the bag, Fleissig said.

Thinking they would just call the owner, they searched for an ID, but there was none, she said. Her daughter unzipped the bag and said, “‘Oh my God, it’s a gun.’ I said, ‘I think I’m going to throw up,’” Fleissig said.

Fleissig said she and her daughter jumped out of the car to get away from the gun.

Now that’s hoplophobia! In fact, I’d almost call it anaphylactic shock.

The NY Daily News also reported the story, with pictures, admitting that according to the Broward Sheriff’s Department, it’s a non-story of a gun accidentally left behind in a rental vehicle. No crime committed. And, at the end of the Daily News piece, we get this gratuitous line:

Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza used a variation of the AR-15, which was the weapon of choice of James E. Hooper in the 2012 Aurora, Colo., shooting that killed 12 and injured 70.

Nothing to do with the story at hand, just a simple reminder from the tabloid that, I guess, the editors think we need to ban them or something. Now THAT makes ME feel like throwing up.