At the usually liberal Slate, a moderate response to a Dear Prudence inquiry from a woman who looked up her child’s Nanny’s Facebook page and discovered that the Nanny (actually a professional baby sitter) likes guns. Needless to say, she wants to know if she should tell the sitter’s employer, not use the sitter, etc. And, yes, it would make more sense for you to just read her question (it’s the second item — below the first question and picture) here at the site.

Anyway, here was Prudence’s reply:

As you note, guns are legal. This young woman apparently used them in a sporting context and became interested in pursuing this through legal channels. She sounds like the kind of responsible gun owner that we want. You do not report that on her Facebook page she said anything alarming about, for example, the need to have firearms on her person at all times. If you go ahead and have her babysit for your child, presumably she does this at your home, where there are no guns. Sure, you could say to her that a couple of rules of your home are that babysitters don’t bring in any other people to keep them company, nor have any firearms on them. But think about how weird that last remark will sound in the absence of any reason to think the babysitter is packing. Your letter is not just about the Second Amendment, but about the consequences of posting for the world to see every adventure in one’s social life. If I were considering her as a babysitter, nothing you’ve found would concern me. But if you don’t want her to babysit for your child, then don’t ask her. As for her place of employment, keep your Facebook explorations to yourself.

Not a perfect response, but considering it’s Slate, not bad.