Several (as in more than two) police departments are seeking applicants to carry out the duties usually assigned to patrol officers, sheriffs, and staties. The jobs include conducting evictions, transporting people to jail, make arrests, the usual. For instance, Wichita, Kansas is looking for:

In Wichita, Kansas, they are looking for someone to not only make arrests, but to take prisoners to jail as well as conduct “specialized investigations and raids.” The position “involves an element of personal danger,” so applications should have the “ability to accurately and effectively discharge a rifle, shotgun, and handgun with both left and right hands” and should also be able “to react quickly and calmly in emergencies; to record details about names, faces, and incidents quickly, clearly, and accurately.”

All these jobs are dangerous and involve carrying a deadly weapon. They entail giving a human being the power to detain another human being, and the benefit of the doubt if they should shoot one. And all the positions are unpaid.

No training required. After all, what could you possibly need to know about state law, proper investigation of a crime scene, conducting witness interviews, and all of that other useless stuff that professional — passed a state certification training course — policeman have to pass, to qualify for these unpaid internships?

Flippancy aside, the newspapers lately are filled with instances where actual — allegedly professional — police officers don’t seem to have had any training themselves. They — not all, of course — are increasingly violent, militarized, unable to distinguish real and not real threats, and have adopted a shoot first and ask questions later mentality. They are abusive in both action and language in situations (such as traffic stops) that don’t call for such tactics. They seem hell-bent on escalating incidents instead of diffusing them.