Of course, it depends upon where you live and whether there will be clear skies. I’ve never, personally, seen them, but will try to do so, early tomorrow morning. From AccuWeather.com:

The first northern lights display of 2014 is on tap for the United States Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

A strong, Earth-facing coronal mass ejection, or CME, occurred Tuesday which set the stage for a bright display across the northern half of the U.S., according to Expert Meteorologist Mark Paquette.

[ . . . ]

The Northeast should provide mostly clear skies throughout the event.

“Anyone in the suburbs of Boston, New York City, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., or Philadelphia has a chance at seeing this,” Paquette said.

Viewing maps and more info at the link. Oh wait! Here’s one now:

I’m excited and hoping that I FINALLY get my first look at the aurora borealis. Alarm clock is set!

Update 4am-5am: Nada. Lots of clouds. Can’t even see the stars. Bummer.