I follow this stuff, but rarely post about it here. However, you might find this one interesting if you (like me) are of the opinion that Hollywood types (and I include the music recording industry as with them) and our government, are out of control. From Techdirt.com, one of my favorite sites:

As we noted at the time, pretty much every album eventually gets leaked, and it tends to get those albums more attention. In fact, many labels purposely leak albums. Cogill received the album via someone who emailed him the tracks, he put them up on his music website, Antiquiet, in a streaming-only format (so no downloading), and took them down about an hour later after the website got slammed with traffic.

And for that, you have a bunch of FBI agents show up at your door pointing guns at you? We couldn’t understand why the FBI would be wasting taxpayer money on this at all. At best, it seemed like it should have been a civil matter for Universal Music to take up.

Read the whole story at the link.

Related: If you have an hour to spare, watch a video where you might become persuaded that Edward Snowden did us all a huge favor and that the NSA really is out of our (citizens’) control.

The government run schools might not do this these days, but you can still give your kids: The George Orwell books, 1984, and Animal Farm. Secondly, rent and let your kids watch George Lucas’ early movie, THX-1138. I suspect that today he’s a liberal, but way-back-when, he made a movie that depicted the dream of today’s liberals. And, it’s scary to rational humans. For “Progressives,” and their heroes, such as Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un, maybe not so much.

I firmly believe that (if it can be afforded — a parent can be spared from working full time) home schooling is the only way to go to prevent your children from being indoctrinated into the liberal propaganda that government schools are teaching. Regardless of whether you home school or have to (or want to) send your kids to public school, what books or movies (or TV shows) do you encourage them to read/watch?

More than all of that, have we — conservative libertarians — lost? Are we pissing into the wind? Is America destined to become a liberal’s, “Progressive’s,” socialist’s dream? Most — not all, but most — of the media supports the “Progressives” and at every opportunity denigrates any opposing views including those, such as mine and probably yours — that government is not the answer. How do you push-back? How do you explain to what some call the “low information voters” that what they are being (mentally) poisoned with, the liberal propaganda, is false?

Are we doomed?