We all thought this was over with last October, but the NY Times has decided to revive it to show how intolerant the pro-2A side is. From Fox News:

The ex-Guns & Ammo Magazine writer fired after penning a column in favor of limited gun control is speaking out, bitterly saying, “I’ve been vanished, disappeared. Now you see him. Now you don’t.”

“Compromise is a bad word these days,” Dick Metcalf, 67, told The New York Times of what he believes is the unyielding, give-no-ground ethos adopted by Second Amendment supporters in the U.S. today. “People think it means giving up your principles.”

Yeah, Dick, because when we give ground, the anti-gunner forces demand more ground and, of course, never give any ground themselves.

Further, let’s say that a columnist for a pro-abortion cause wrote an editorial saying, “Gee, maybe abortions after 20-weeks isn’t such a good idea.” Think they’d still have a job?

When Howard Cosell and Jimmy the Greek made fairly innocuous comments on their sports shows, they were fired, history. Let’s not pretend that the left is somehow oh-so-tolerant and forgiving.

Nonetheless, since it is the NY Times, Metcalf’s griping has been syndicated by almost every MSM news outlet over the past couple of days. To heck with him.