Having been laid-up with a bad back for a few days now, I can attest that at least it takes your mind off of other problems. But, the benefits don’t end there:

Being pulled into the world of a gripping novel can trigger actual, measurable changes in the brain that linger for at least five days after reading, scientists have said.

The new research, carried out at Emory University in the US, found that reading a good book may cause heightened connectivity in the brain and neurological changes that persist in a similar way to muscle memory.

Granted, the study was a small one, but interesting. Details of the “why?” at the link.

I am very thankful that my parents instilled in me a love of reading at an early age, with the entire Wizard of Oz series, The Hardy Boys, A dramatic history series whose name I can’t remember, and more. By my early teens I had discovered science fiction and was hooked.

Most of my apartment is crowded with (other than old computers) books. I love the feel, smell, touch of them. Having said that, I also love my Kindle. It’s so . . . portable.