My wish for all of you is to have a happy and healthy 2014. My goal (resolution) is to become a better blogger and to lose my wine gut (it’s like a beer gut but not as large). Also, to find a companion cat for Gracie. Also, to have the ultimate vegetable garden in pots — better than I had two years ago — and to eat more of them (the vegetables I grow) instead of forcing them on my neighbors.

I’d also like to spend a LOT more time at the range. This past Summer, ammo was scarce and, not wanting to deplete what little I had, I only went to it one time. This just-passed Fall, ammo is back on the shelves and I’ve been stocking up on it so that I can have some fun next year putting holes in targets, soup cans, et cetera.

Another resolution is to start a book review blog — to separate it from the politics here — and enlist some of you avid readers to contribute. More on that in a few days, since I’ve already gotten the domain.

Lastly, not really a goal or resolution since I’ve been doing it here at Alphecca for 12+ years, I’ll continue to speak the truth as I see it about gun rights, the media’s bias against gun rights, and defend the natural and also constitutional right to self defense.

Okay, really lastly, I hope 2014 is a much better year than 2013 was for many of us, and our country. Let us begin to take back America in the elections next November.

Happy New Year to all of you. As always, I’ll be here at Alphecca as your friend, early morning commentator, and advocate.