From Oregon Live:

The Oregon Court of Appeals has reversed the conviction of a man found guilty of illegally carrying a concealed weapon after he argued the campsite where he pitched his tent for the week was his home and provided an exception to the state’s concealed weapon law.

The appeals court ruled that David Aubrey Wolf, 66, was entitled to tell jurors that Oregon law makes an exception to carrying a concealed weapon without a permit if a person is in his or her ¬Ä¬úplace of residence.¬Ä¬Ě

[ . . . ]

The court said if state legislators had intended a place of residence to apply to only houses, apartments and other established structures, they would have specifically crafted the law to say a place of residence is a “dwelling house”¬Ä¬Ě — as they did in defining home burglary.

More details at the link. Remember, the defendant was renting the campsite — much as one rents an apartment — even though only for a week. This is a minor gun rights victory and as the article points out, could also apply to vacationers and the homeless.