I remember that in the comments to a post a couple of weeks ago, someone mentioned Die Hard as their favorite Christmas Movie. Then, yesterday, I read an article about how the original Home Alone was making a comeback as a Christmas Movie. Earlier this morning, on Red Eye Radio, they were discussing . . . Christmas Movies.

Well alrighty then. My own personal favorite (I have it on VHS, yes, some of us still have one of those) is The Bishop’s Wife, 1947, starring Cary Grant, Loretta Young, and David Niven. Carry Grant is an angel sent to Earth at Christmas time to remind Niven (a church Bishop) about what is really important in life. It’s a romantic comedy and delightful to watch.

Get on Amazon or Netflix and check it out. Don’t be fooled by the recent remake called The Preacher’s Wife. Go for the original; it’s how movies used to be made.

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