I’m not going to mention the name of the company. There will not be a link to it. They just sent me — and other “undisclosed recipients” - presumably other gun bloggers — an attachment with a range target featuring the President’s head.

Let me be perfectly clear here, to this company, or anyone else that thinks this is clever, or from the email, “interesting,”: This is in incredibly bad taste, which is not something confined to the left. I have never, nor will I ever, even in jest, promote such a product or idea.

I suppose that some mentally-ill person will think that bringing such a thing to the range will solicit chuckles or (God forbid) approval.

This is not what “our side” needs. Our side needs to convince the “other side” with reasoned, rational arguments as to why they should vote for candidates we support.

I think that even a casual reading of Alphecca will confirm that I’m not a fan of the President. I believe that we as a nation would have been better off if Romney had won. The only solution to the problems we face exists in the voting booth.

Now; back to our regularly scheduled program.