For many folks with disabilities, just holding a gun in the “proper position” is difficult or impossible. Many of the easily modifiable “assault weapons” are perfect for them. As a result, they oppose the bans on them:

“They’re banning these weapons for arbitrary reasons — because it has a certain grip or stock — when in reality those are the features that someone with a disability like me needs to operate a firearm,” said Scott Ennis, a hemophiliac who started the Connecticut-based disabled firearm-owners group and serves as its president. Like Foti, Ennis suffered joint damage that makes it difficult for him to grip and shoot.

[ . . . ]

He rented an AR-15-style rifle and marveled at how lightweight it was, how easy to modify.

“For someone who’s handicapped, an AR-15 is probably the easiest type of weapon to shoot at the range,” Foti said.

That’s why Foti, a supporter of President Obama, opposes gun control measures that limit access to automatic-style rifles and modifications.

Well there’s your problem in one concise paragraph. You’re voting for people who would like to ban you from owning the types of weapons you need to protect yourself and your family.

One more take-away from the article:

Federal statistics show that people with disabilities are more likely to be victims of crime. Women with disabilities are targeted three times as often as others, while the rate for disabled men was nearly double that of others as of 2011, the most recent year available from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.