Because Ghod knows you don’t already have enough in the Bay State. From the Telegram:

Various requirements for gun locks are among many issues expected to come up as the Legislature has promised to take up a major overhaul of the state’s gun laws in January.

Mr. Naughton brought his committee to hearings across the state this year, including a well-attended hearing in Worcester last summer, to gather public views.

Some of the more difficult and controversial issues expected to emerge are proposals for new limits on ammunition and high capacity gun magazine, types of criminal or mental health background checks for gun licenses and gun purchases and limits on the number of firearms a person can buy.

More than 50 gun bills have been filed in the two-year session that ends July 31, but Mr. Naughton and House Speaker Robert E. DeLeo, D-Winthrop, are both pledging to put a comprehensive gun bill before the House.

It’s a race between MA, NY, CT, and NJ to see who can restrict natural rights the most.