What can I say? The flesh is weak. I did change the lame towel that I usually snap pictures of guns on. So, I haven’t shot it; it’s too damn cold outside (I blame global warming or Bush or something) so a range report will have to wait. Anyway, here are a few of my (typically) lame photos of it:

I can tell you that the LASER looks like part of the stock. It’s bright. It’s installed at the Ruger factory.

By the way, the Ruger 10/22 LASER is carbine sized, but weighs almost nothing. It felt like a toy when — in the local gun shop — I hefted it to my shoulder. The gun shop owner rightly explained that you (me) don’t need to shoulder-it because you just point it (using the LASER) at your target and pull the trigger. It does have iron sights, but, you don’t need them because you have a built-in aiming device; the LASER.

Of course I was whipping it around in my home, LASER on, and Gracie the cat was chasing it. Interesting but distressing speculation; someone is invading and I grab this rifle, turn on the LASER, and Gracie chases it as I’m aiming at the thug. . . . I hope that the sound and visual of an invader will send Gracie scurrying away and out of the line of fire. Not really a concern if my life is in danger . . . OK, yes it is. I would not fire if my best friend cat was in sight.

BTW, I picture it with the BX-25 (or whatever it’s called) which is an option. Yeah, I have two Banana Lips magazines for my original 10/22 carbine but the real Ruger version looks good in a photo.

I can’t wait for Spring and a chance to put this gun to the test at the range.