A word of advice to thugs: Take your ‘business’ elsewhere:

With background checks over Thanksgiving weekend at record-breaking levels and Christmas gun sales underway, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) predicts background checks for 2013 will hit one million.

That is over 200,000 more background checks than were done in 2012 and nearly 400,000 more than were done in 2011.

More advice to thugs: Before you invade a Floridian’s home — as Sean Connery said to an assassin punk in the movie, Outland — “Think it over.” *

* It was a nifty scene in a movie nobody went to . . . and, “Go ahead, make my day,” and “Do you feel lucky, punk?” have become overused clichés. **

** Of course, my favorite confrontation line of all time is from the movie, John Carpenter’s The Thing. After battling the shape-shifting alien, Kurt Russell wires up some dynamite. The gross looking alien slams up through the floor and roars several of it’s ‘heads’ at him. Russell yells, “Yeah, well fuck you too,” and slams down the plunger, setting off the explosives. Perfect!