If you registered a firearm in the District of Columbia any time between 1976-2010, you must register it again. Warning: Auto-start video at the link.

Big changes for gun owners in the nation’s capital will impact tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens, many of whom have no idea the change is coming.

The new requirement for gun owners in the District goes into effect next year and failure to comply could land you in jail.

Starting Jan. 1, all registered gun owners in the District must re-register their firearms within 90 days. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said notices will start going out to gun owners soon.

That’s nice, but for the guy who registered his shotgun in the ’70’s, maybe he’s moved since then?

Oh, by the way, the new law says you’ll have to re-register it every three years from now on. Not that they’re keeping tabs on you. . . .