There are several organizations that fight for our 2nd-Amendment, as well as our natural rights. They don’t always hit a home-run. Sometimes, they even seem to remain silent or compromise. But, they are fighting for us and deserve our support. Anyway, SAF has just won an out-of-court settlement with the City of Seattle:

Anti-gun Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn leaves office soon, and yesterday his administration agreed to pay the Second Amendment Foundation $38,000 to settle a lawsuit filed earlier this year over the city’s failure to release all public records relating to January’s gun buyback fiasco, as detailed in today’s Seattle Times.

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It’s not the first time the city has lost a legal battle with SAF. Almost two years ago, SAF and other gun rights organizations including the National Rifle Association successfully sued the city to prevent a gun ban in city parks that violated Washington’s state preemption statute. Seattle pursued that case through the state Court of Appeals, losing a unanimous decision. A request for review was turned down by the state Supreme Court.

Fight, and fight some more. Punch back harder. Skip a six-pack one week and give the money to the Gun Owners of America, or the NRA, or SAF, or any of the legitimate (not fake) gun rights organizations. Or, donate to whomever is running for office in your town; county; state, who supports gun ownership. Perhaps there’s a state branch of the GOA or NRA where you live. Support them.

Outside of a few liberal-dominated states that (hard to believe that Colorado was one of them, but the recalls helped) passed (more) draconian gun control laws, in most states we are winning. Yes, really. Your dollars made that happen.

We are in a fight for our natural rights. Join the battle, or don’t complain and just STFU.

Related: From California:

Part of Sunnyvale’s new gun-control ordinance that bans possession of magazines holding more than 10 rounds is unconstitutional and leaves law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage to better-armed criminals, a National Rifle Association lawsuit argues.

The ordinance, approved by 67 percent of voters last month as Measure C, requires owners of such magazines to remove them from the city, sell them outside California or to a licensed gun dealer, or give them up to police for destruction within 90 days.

Measure C took effect Dec. 6, giving owners until March 6 to comply. But the federal lawsuit filed Monday — in which the NRA is backing five Sunnyvale residents who own such magazines — seeks an injunction halting enforcement of the new law.

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