A lawsuit going forward is challenging Colorado’s new slew of gun control laws. The sheriffs, in their official capacity, were told by the court that they could not join that suit as they did not have standing to sue. The judge also told them they COULD join the suit as individuals. In the meantime:

All but seven of Colorado’s 62-elected sheriff’s are refusing to enforce a law they have sworn to uphold by failing to enact universal background checks and a ban on ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.

Despite failing last month in their bid to sue the state over the new firearm restrictions as unconstitutional, Sheriff’s such as John Cooke of Weld County have taken the unprecedented step to ignore the laws - calling them too vague and a violation of Second Amendment rights.

What about the seven sheriffs that didn’t try to join the lawsuit?

Sheriff W. Pete Palmer of Chaffee County, one of the seven sheriffs who declined to join the federal lawsuit said that while he will enforce the laws, he won’t go out of his way to instruct his deputies to aggressively pursue them.

‘All law enforcement agencies consider the community standards — what is it that our community wishes us to focus on — and I can tell you our community is not worried one whit about background checks or high-capacity magazines,’ he said to the New York Times.