In fact, skip newspapers, too, this weekend to avoid stuff like this:

A year after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, one of the city’s most prominent billboards now features a new grim tally — the approximate number of Americans killed by guns since that day: 32,833, the population of a small city.

John Rosenthal, the founder of Stop Handgun Violence, the group that sponsors the billboard, said the total will rise by 83 each day, reflecting national estimates of gun-related deaths. Of that number, eight are children, he said.

He’s been sponsoring that billboard outside Fenway Park for years.

Trust me (since I’ve already done a Google news search) when I say that every story today will be about the Newtown anniversary and politicians and pundits bemoaning the fact that Congress hasn’t banned all guns.

Me, well, we’ve got a snowstorm coming in and I’ve got a stack of books (figuratively speaking; they’re on my Kindle) to read.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.