For those who don’t stop by here everyday, I discussed this 8-days ago. I said at that time that this was a law on the books that had not been enforced until now. More from Fox News:

Though these notices were not sent out as a direct result of the SAFE Act, New York State Assemblyman James Tedisco said the new law may embolden city police forces to send out similar letters.

Tedisco, who voted against the SAFE Act, said New York City had the five-round law in the books for about 20 years, but this is the first time he has heard complaints about the notices being sent out to gun owners.

“These letters appear to be another example of the Nanny State,” Tedisco said. “Hypothetically, it can start with a letter, and then that can lead to someone knocking on your door saying, ‘I want to see your gun.’”

In another part of the article, it says the NYC law has been on the books since 2010. So, there’s some confusion, at least in the Fox newsroom.