I have no idea what kind of city Mountain View is, but I imagine it populated by a bunch of limp-wrist liberals. They had a protest (40 people) against the Mayor because he refuses to join Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group that’s really against all guns. From the Mountain View Voice:

As restaurant-goers dined along Castro Street’s sidewalks, the group delivered its message with the chant, “Mayor Inks, your position stinks!” all the way down Castro Street and then in front of City Hall.

“No Mayor should be able to get away without [sic] joining Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” said organizer Josh Wolfe, a high school teacher. “The Palo Alto and Sunnyvale mayors both joined the coalition. I want Mayor Inks to represent his constituents and sign on as well.”

I’m not sure how many mayors there are in the United States but I’m willing to bet that there are thousands of them that are “getting away” with not joining, and their constituents are thanking them for it.