WTF is wrong with Texas and its stance against open carry? And, when two of the guys have holstered, pre-1899 black powder pistols — supposedly exempt from the open carry ban — they’re thrown in the slammer. From the Blaze:

Three people were reportedly arrested on Friday for openly carrying Civil War-era pistols during a pro-gun protest outside the Texas Capitol. Gun rights activists tell TheBlaze the arrests were unlawful as it is legal in Texas to openly carry a pre-1899 antique firearm.

Terry Louis Holcomb, 44, identified as a Huntsville-area pastor, and Scott Douglas Smith, 50, a military veteran from San Antonio, and Gary Hayes, a quadriplegic, were reportedly arrested by state troopers in Austin and charged with disorderly conduct, which is defined, by law, as an action with a firearm “calculated to alarm.”

Much more at the link, including several YouTube videos. Hopefully your browser is better than mine (Firefox) at composing the page.

Granted, the protesters were looking for a reaction; that’s what protests are about. But, cops are supposed to know the law or should be calling in to HQ to find out if those pistols or unloaded rifle are okay to display.

It seems to me that simply saying that openly carrying a firearm (rifle slung over the shoulder or holstered pistol) in public is creating a ‘disorderly’ situation is gratuitous. It means that there is no way to open carry one, according to whomever gave those Texas cops their marching orders.