Nelson, Georgia passed an ordinance requiring that every home possess a firearm. I’ve covered this story several times. From last March, you can read my thoughts about it HERE. I was appreciative of the idea but against the law itself. At that time, I wrote:

Well, it depends upon how the city implements it. If they decide that they will fine homeowners who don’t, that’s wrong. The government has no right to demand that you own or exercise a right. Gun ownership is a right — though God knows there are plenty of places and politicians in this country that forget that. But the government has no business telling you that you must buy or own something.

In other articles, the township stated that they had no intention of actually enforcing the law and that’s well and good but it wasn’t part of the ordinance. I was wrong, though, last May, when I wrote this:

Here’s a suit that’s going nowhere and why it’s being filed at all is a waste of what few donation dollars the Brady Bunch gets.

Well, again, I admit that I was wrong. The Brady Bunch’s lawsuit forced an out-of-court settlement yesterday, as reported by ABC News 10 TV:

The two sides on Thursday notified the court that they had reached a settlement agreement.

The settlement says Nelson will add a provision to the ordinance saying that it is not enforceable and will never be enforced.

Nelson always stated that they wouldn’t enforce it but that wasn’t included in the ordinance itself. This settlement forces them to amend it to state that.

So. This is a rare case where — while my sympathies are with the intentions of the town — my instincts agree with the tactic used by the Brady Bunch; you can’t force someone to exercise a right or require them to purchase something.