From the AP:

An Associated Press analysis found that about four-fifths of the states now have enacted local laws that directly reject or ignore federal laws on marijuana use, gun control, health insurance requirements and identification standards for driver’s licenses. The recent trend began in Democratic leaning California with a 1996 medical marijuana law and has proliferated lately in Republican strongholds like Kansas, where Gov. Sam Brownback this spring became the first to sign a measure threatening felony charges against federal agents who enforce certain firearms laws in his state.

While it’s a nice thought that — for instance — any state’s CCW permit would be honored by all other states, that won’t happen. Or if it does, the permit requirements would be crafted by the heavily populated, liberal states that have more congress critters than conservative leaning states that actually follow the dictates of the Constitution. Thus, holding out for a federal law that would make CCW permits ‘universal’ is a pipe dream.