It’s amazing, the contrast, between different states regarding firearms.

1. From the Patriot Ledger in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts lawmakers are planning a series of public hearings across the state on proposed changes to the state’s gun laws.

[ . . . ]

The committee is looking at more than 60 gun bills that touch on everything from mental health and school safety to background checks and hunting issues.

Amongst other measures, a one-gun-per-month bill, restrictions on kinds of ammo you can buy, and “universal background checks” at gun shows. It’s a safe bet that few if any of the “60 gun bills” will be expanding gun rights.

2. Meanwhile, in South Carolina:

South Carolina is close to passing a bill allowing guns in bars and restaurants. The measure, which passed the state house 100 to 12 Tuesday, will likely go to the state senate.

A similar bill is being considered in North Carolina.

I’ll tell ya’, if I didn’t have so much family living in this area I’d relocate in a moment’s notice. And, if Vermont ever does decide to start infringing gun rights, I’ll do it anyway.