In three words: Buy it now!

However . . . Read the first two parts of the series, first. So, OK, here’s the scoop:

It’s difficult to predict the future. And, depending upon your perspective, right now it might look rosy as heaven (that would be the liberals slinking amongst us) or (for those of us living in reality,) it might appear rather frightening. Author Archer Garrett has composed a terrific series of books that, well, imagine the latter. But, they do offer hope, as well as some suggestions on preparing for those times.

The United States is becoming a socialist country and Texas ain’t gonna’ take it no more. They declare their independence. So . . .

Well, first you must read The Western Front. You can read my review of it here.

Then, read the next installment: Kratocracy.

Folks, you’ll be well hooked by then. Now, it’s time to read the thrilling, and it really is, conclusion to the series, The Nine of the North.

This is a roller-coaster of an action-packed novel. Garrett has fleshed-out his protagonists (and antagonists) to create a marvelous sequel that will keep you reading way past your bedtime. The culmination of events detailed in the first books will give you chills but in the end will give you hope.

I don’t know if this is the finale of the series. If it is, it’s well done. If it isn’t, I’m mightily looking forward to more.

Archer Garrett has given us a truly suspenseful story here.