Utah is known for being supportive of gun rights. That’s why (to an outsider like me, anyway) I’m a bit surprised by this:

When it comes to guns, Utah Governor Gary Herbert isn’t seeing eye to eye with state lawmakers. Friday the Governor vetoed a bill that was expected to reduce for the need for gun owners to purchase a concealed weapons permit.

A supporter of the bill criticized the Governor’s veto:

Representative Jake Anderegg said a large amount of Utahns don’t see the need for concealed carry permits.

“They were driving their cattle and they were like, we want to be able to, if it starts raining, to throw a jacket on without all the sudden getting a $350 ticket for getting a violation,” said Anderegg,

In some states, the opposite happens. I seem to remember a case in Massachusetts where someone with a CCW permit was on the street and a gust of wind blew the flap of his jacket open and exposed his concealed firearm. He got a ticket for that.

You can’t win. That’s why the less laws restricting a natural right, the better.