The Brady Bunch loves to release their yearly survey which “grades” states on the amount of infringement they impose upon the Second Amendment. It generates lots of headlines in newspapers across the country.

I suspect that will not be the case with this Guns and Ammo survey of gun friendly states:

States can score a maximum 10 points per category, with a perfect score of 50. Full disclosure, though: No state attained that perfect score, though two states came awfully close. As was expected, Washington, D.C., kicked off our list with a whopping zero points, and other anti-gun Meccas such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California weren’t far behind. Topping our list of pro-gun states were Arizona, Vermont, Alaska, Utah and Kentucky. Click through the gallery below to see where your state ranked.

Some in Vermont would like to change that, though — fortunately — it appears that the legislature isn’t planning to act on any gun control measures this year.