Nelson, Georgia is a poorly police patrolled one. In fact, at night, coverage is nil. One city councilor would like to do what Kennesaw, GA. did and require all homeowners to own a firearm. From WSB TV:

Every homeowner in a local town could soon have to own a gun or break the law. It’s a controversial new plan for the city of Nelson.

Well, it depends upon how the city implements it. If they decide that they will fine homeowners who don’t, that’s wrong. The government has no right to demand that you own or exercise a right. Gun ownership is a right — though God knows there are plenty of places and politicians in this country that forget that. But the government has no business telling you that you must buy or own something.

It’s not like owning a car; where states (aside from New Hampshire) require auto insurance. Owning, or at least driving a car on public streets is considered a “privilege” and not a right. The state can demand that you have coverage.

While requiring gun ownership is a good idea, fining folks for not doing so is a bad one. AS IS ObamaCare mandating you to buy health insurance or (starting in 2014) pay a fine to the IRS.