So, you know all those gun buy-backs held by many cities? Where you can turn-in your broken, old firearm in exchange for a gift card or something? Where you remain anonymous? Well, don’t try that in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At two recent buybacks, the city ran out of gift cards and issued I.O.U.s except that instead of giving some printed I.O.U. to someone, they took names and addresses. That might still have been alright except that the information has been released:

The names of gun owners who took IOUs from Santa Fe city government for guns they turned in during recent buy-back events were disclosed at a recent City Council committee meeting — despite the city promoting anonymity for gun owners in advance of the buy-backs.

True, the city warned I.O.U. holders that it couldn’t promise anonymity but this was a case where the names and addresses were inadvertently put into a finance committee report — which is public.

Let’s see how their next buy-back goes.