Texas is joining a growing number of states that are (at least symbolically) telling Obama and the Feds to shove it. From Fox News:

Toth’s proposal would create a Class A misdemeanor for police officers enforcing any new federal gun regulations. It also would establish cause for the state attorney general to sue anyone who seeks to enforce new federal gun regulations.

I say symbolically because we don’t know if such laws could pass a SCOTUS review.

God forbid, of course, that the liberal flatlanders now running Vermont would pass a similar measure here.

Update: slightly related:

Guns and ammunition manufactured and kept in Oklahoma would not be subject to federal laws or regulations under a bill that a House panel approved Wednesday.

The so-called Firearms Freedom Act was one of two gun bills that the House Public Safety Committee passed. Another bill that sailed through the committee would allow private schools to develop their own rules and regulations on whether teachers and school visitors could be armed.

More details at the link.