I heard about this on Red Eye Radio about an hour ago and it’s too silly to let go without comment. Some youth soccer leagues in Canada have decided not to keep score of the games or publish the standings of teams, anymore. I guess this is all part of the “helping self-esteem” movement for kids. From the Toronto Star:

Tessa’s league is one of many across the province that will stop keeping score and tabulating standings this season in an attempt to shift the focus of kids’ soccer away from winning and toward skills development.

Some leagues and age groups started last season, others will adopt the approach this year, and by 2014 it will be mandatory across Ontario for all competitive players under 12.

It’s part of a well-established, research-supported and holistic approach to player development, common in soccer-rich countries and endorsed by the sport’s brightest minds.

Really? What “brightest minds” decided that sports should not be competitive and that winning doesn’t matter and that not caring about winning would help develop the child’s skills?

Skills, whether on the soccer field or in real life, are what enable a person to get ahead. Be it in school (good grades) or getting into a good college, or after graduation when the individual enters the world of work and business — the one where bosses DO keep score of employees’ performances and use that to decide upon whom they promote and who gets the axe.

The competitive edge skill is why some folks are on welfare and others start companies or rise to the top of them.

The competitive edge skill, when developed in a child, serves them all throughout their adult life when it comes to finding a mate, finding a job, finding financial success, and — frankly — finding happiness. No mature adult is happy about being a loser in anything.

But let us extend the thinking of these “brightest minds” to professional sports. Maybe Major League Baseball should stop keeping score and standings. Whenever a home run is hit, it doesn’t count. All teams make the play-offs and all teams are in the World Series. And then, all teams are the World Champions. After all, we don’t want to hurt the self-esteem of Chicago Cubs fans. Their team is just working on their skill-set.