I was tempted to title this post, “Hunka-hunka burning lead” for those of you into steel target shooting. The Grizzly Targets Auto-Reset 220 is one massive piece of steel that will stand-up to full-time target shooting regardless of what caliber you’re firing at it. It’s that well made and should last a lifetime unless you’re firing grenades at it! Even then. . . .

I’m thankful to the folks at Grizzly Targets for sending me one to try out. I was going to wait until I actually had it at the range but, in Vermont, that would be several months from now. I’ll do a range report as soon as my range (an outdoor one) reopens.

But, I’d like you to see some of the details now and, besides, you don’t need to see a video of me showing how inept I am . . . [You’re too humble -ed.]

Here’s a snap of it in my living room:

The rounded section in the middle of the target is perfect for those small round black, stick-on targets that show a day-glow color when hit.

Hit it and the target flaps back and then springs up again. It’s perfect for long-distance target shooting and sighting in since you can actually see the target react when you hit it.

Here’s a picture of the ultra-heavy-duty spring-back mechanism:

I think the bolt they’re using is thicker than the engine mount bolts in my car!

Grizzly Targets uses the thickest steel I’ve ever seen in one of these devices. I’m not sure exactly what standard AR500 is in the metal industry but check this out:

Notice the dime I placed on the base. The steel target is almost as thick as a dime is wide! This baby is going to last you a lifetime and the price is a very reasonable $135. that’s for a product that will give you a whole lot of pleasurable plinking and will last decades longer than your car.

Grizzly Targets has a full range of steel targets to suit your needs. A couple of months from now I’ll put up a post of this one, the GT Reactive Auto Reset 220 with “Action Photos”!!!

A great product for the firearms enthusiast. Also note that a part of every purchase is donated to several very worthwhile organizations.

Remember to always practice steel target shooting at a safe distance and - for goodness sake! - you and everyone around should be wearing shatter-proof eye protection.