With a hat-tip to Instapundit, I again find myself admiring N.J. Governor Chris Christie:

So I decided to “YouTube” him (notice that that is becoming a verb similar to the way “Googling” someone has) and found some more videos of his remarkable candor. The first one that follows is him responding to a reporter’s question about his (Christie’s) “confrontational style.”

Here’s one of him talking about the N.J. NEA. Best line: “You punch them, I’ll punch you.”

Then there was this famous exchange with a teacher about her job:

And then we have the even more popular clip of him giving a teacher an “education” about reality today, and how it is the union that led to most of the layoffs:

Yet more, showing once again his humor, at a GOP fundraiser:

There’s lots more if you do a search for him on YouTube.com.

Interesting guy. Not very friendly to gun owners but I suspect that that is also not very high on his list of issues. As I’ve said before, gun rights are front and center for me so unless — let’s just speculate that he seeks higher office — he was to run for a national office, maybe he’s smart enough to say something like, “Well, I was for gun control in a state with a very high crime rate and blah-blah-blah, but I realize that what I suppose [wrongly, of course — Jeff.] is proper in New Jersey isn’t right for most of the country, blah-blah-blah.”

Anyway, he’s lousy on gun rights but for everything else, damn, he’s at least a straight-talker and this nation of ours needs someone like him right now.

Someone in N.J., please invite him to the range and educate him about guns and self-defense and why those who live in high-crime states are most in need of gun rights. He’s a smart guy. He might get it.