So, the loonies are in control of the asylum in Colorado. A new bill introduced by Democrats is almost laughably contradictory. From Reuters:

Owners of semi-automatic rifles would be subject to strict liability for civil damages caused by their weapons, and state statutes that shield manufacturers, importers and dealers from such liability would be lifted.

Handguns, bolt-action rifles and shotguns would be exempt from the measure.

Aside from the fact that this bill flies in the face of the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce . . . Act, how do they justify saying that murdering someone with an AR-15 is different than killing someone with a shotgun and should subject the owner or manufacturer to civil lawsuits?

Wouldn’t that be like claiming that you only need liability insurance on sports cars but not on Civics and Corollas?

I doubt such a law would even pass constitutional muster.