From a fine editorial in the McClatchy News Service we get word from a recent government study that it’s unlikely that you will be the victim of violent crime committed by a stranger:

That study shows strangers committed about 38 percent of non-fatal, violent crimes including rape, robbery and assault in 2010, the most recent data available. Of that amount, only an average of 10 percent used a firearm while committing the crime. In other words, fewer than four out of every 100 non-fatal, violent crimes were committed by a stranger.

Additionally, only about one-fourth of homicides are committed by strangers. The overwhelming percentage of homicides – and of all violent crimes, for that matter – is committed by a friend, relative or other acquaintance.

I remember something my cousin told me when I first moved to Vermont about 18-years-ago: “If someone sticks a gun in your face, you already know the reason why.”