Yesterday Obama met with several police chiefs and sheriffs about - what else? - gun control. No doubt he hoped they would all be in lock-step with him. While the pencil pushing police chiefs were, not so the sheriffs. Many of the sheriffs were not for another AWB nor for limits on magazine capacity. Some wanted the stress put on mental health issues and getting states to provide more complete information to the NICS federal background check system. From the Herald Bulletin:

“I told [Obama] very candidly that this isn’t just about gun control alone,” [Minn. Sheriff] Stanek said. He said the bigger issue is that the Justice Department’s system for background checks is incomplete since many states don’t report mental health data or felony convictions. He mentioned how in his home state of Minnesota, a 14-year-old shot and killed his mother with a shot gun, but was later able legally to buy additional handguns and automatic weapons because the background check did not reveal his history. “There’s example after example after example like that across the country,” Stanek said.

Later, the group met with Sen. Dianne “I own a gun but you shouldn’t” Feinstein who wanted them to support her new “assault weapons” ban.

“I would say her message was not well received overall by the group,” Stanek said. “Everyone has an opinion on it one way or another.”